Friday, May 15, 2009

The Violins Sing

A couple of days ago, my mom offered to watch both the boys tonight so I could go out with a friend.

Dan is in Austin for work. I thought he was in Chicago, but finally I realized that he was in Austin because he was telling me this evening that it would take him most of a day to fly home. And that he had a layover in Atlanta.

"Aren't you in CHICAGO?" I said.

"No!" he said, incredulously. "I'm in AUSTIN!"

Huh! I was sort of confused when he told me it was 90 degrees when he got off the plane yesterday, so that explains that.

Anyway, I tried to find a friend to go out with tonight, but after a few rejections, I gave up.

So now I'm eating cheese and watching You've Got Mail on Bravo. The cheese is organic, so that's something.

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Tracy P. said...

Hey. Mac looks great. Sorry I haven't responded re: the fat camp for the summer. We've been on vacation and super busy. On a side note, I went back on dairy, mainly b/c I couldn't resist eating desserts, and tonight Ryan had bloody poop. I guess maybe he is allergic?