Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Angel

The little guy is eleven months already. This month, he seems to have grown a bit, and I didn't realize until after I'd dressed him (in an 18-month-size t-shirt!) that orange isn't the greatest color on a red-head. Oh, well.

Big news this week: he can walk in a herky-jerky, feet-wide-out sort of way.

And also, he nods "yes" and shakes "no." He answers questions with "yes":

"Do you want a banana?" "Yes!"
"Should we go outside?" "Yes!"
"Do you want to swing?" "Indeed!"

The "no," on the other hand, signals that he's doing, or about to do, something he shouldn't. Like eating some non-food item off the floor or banging the entertainment center doors into the sides of the tv. This latter behavior is generally wild and violent with primal banging and shaking.

I'm sure it bodes well for future behaviors. Like when he's five and going into Kindergarten. I'm sure there won't be any disobedience then.


anne said...

That's what Eleanor does, too. Looks at me, shakes her head "no," and then proceeds to do whatever it is that she's not supposed to do. Then sometimes she laughs.

Tom said...

Luke's the same with the "no". I'm sure in his mind the definition of no is "behavior which would be discouraged by mom or dad".

Hey, wait! Mac's already walking??? Sheesh, my 16 month old is still stuck at a few unsteady steps. He looks more like Frankenstein on a bender. But he is ridiculously smart otherwise. :)