Friday, January 29, 2010

Think I'm Addicted To Your Light

Before Winter Break began, I had 200 papers to grade. I've chronicled my progress extensively. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about those goddam (That's for you, J.D.) papers.

My total left to grade is now 16. Sixteen! That's not so bad, right?

Except now I've given my final exams.

The exams are flooding my backpack and littering my desk.

And my grades are due next week.

And kids and parents keep emailing me asking if I will round up, if I will accept just this one piece of late work, if there's ANYTHING they can do. And why did they get 21/24 on that assignment, anyway?

And I'm starting new units in both classes.

And Dan is working at his office pretty much every minute from now until Monday morning.

And Mac vomitted all over my car yesterday.

So, I think I might take a nap to prepare myself for the misery that will be this weekend and next week. Mac is napping right now, so I think that might be right thing to do.


anne said...

Oh KC. You know this does not make me want to return to teaching!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Take the nap! You will get it all always do!