Monday, March 15, 2010

As Strong As We Are United

Today, I had to skip my lunch hour to work with my fourth hour class on filming a submission video for a contest. The prize is a trip to the opening of the Harry Potter theme park in Florida.

They wrote a cute script about why our class is extraordinary. I got the feeling that they thought they had a good chance of winning the contest.

I myself doubt that we'll win, but I was happy to help with the video. There were some odd stipulations in the contest rules. For instance, I have to have a clean criminal record with no felony convictions. Also, the video had to include a full-body shot of me. I tried to wear a flattering outfit and look my best. I did apply lip gloss just before my scenes.

I'm a little worried that the kids will make a gag reel of stupid clips of me and post it on the internet, but these are the risks you have to be willing to take for a chance to win a trip to the Harry Potter theme park. If we win, I'll definitely take Shef. He's obsessed with Harry Potter, just like that fourth hour class.


LH said...

When do you find out if you get to go?

KC said...

If we make the finals, I'll launch a campaign for everyone in the world to vote for our video.

Then, I think we go in the early summer? I'm not really sure.

LH said...

i thought you had a site counter on wordsavvy?