Friday, March 5, 2010

Plugging In

This week, I've been really preoccupied and kind of stressed about a work project. I've been working pretty much constantly on that project, to the detriment of other responsibilities; including my diet. Basically, I've been eating all kinds of terrible foods all the time.

As a result of this behavior, I got a ginormous zit on my chin. Or, I should say, I got a ginormous almost-zit. Right under the surface.

This next part will come as no surprise: I picked the hell out of that almost-zit. I jabbed it and squeezed it, and now it's a scab at least the size of a dime.

The worst day in the life of my blemish was yesterday. It was seeping some type of yellowish puss, which would collect on my chin in a little yellow puss scab. Then, periodically, I'd pick this off and the zit would start seeping all over again.

Obviously, I don't work in an office or a cube, so I was never alone with my complexion. Instead, 30 different people were looking at this hideous protrusion every hour of the day. Nevertheless, I did make it through without any comments made about the zit by any person except me.

That is, until I went out to dinner with Shef. He remarked, "Mom, ew! There's a booger on your chin."

Thanks, pal.

I'll be buying myself a new skin-care regimen tomorrow as an early birthday present. Oprah says it will change my life. Probably I should eat some fruits and vegetables as well.


Avery said...

I couldn't help but laugh at this. Let me know if you find a miracle skin care product. I swear I didn't get "teen acne" until about a year ago. It sucks.

Jana said...

Stress gives me those under the skin monstrous pimples too. It's part of my rosacea issues because when I get stressed all the blood vessels come to the surface and then pile up in one spot. Or something like that. I just bought a Clarisonic cleansing system and really love it. I used to get mouth and chin break outs all the time and the Clarisonic coupled with some intense dry skin products have made my skin relatively problem free.

jdoc said...

I have this same skin problem. The really sad part is that as I get older my face scars easily and the memories of the zit last a long time. Does Oprah's product address this?

Martha said...

Evan Healy - best skin care products ever! And I have tried them all. Pure, natural, organic. All essential oils. Available at Whole Foods. Spendy.