Saturday, March 20, 2010

People In the Place

Great news: Shef and I recorded a podcast. I was inspired by Lee to make a podcast about my recent reading. I made Shef do it with me.

If I sound bossy in the podcast, that's because in real life I actually am bossy.

Head over here to listen to the podcast.


LH said...

I listened to your great podcast in the middle of the night. Fantastic job! You covered a lot of ground. You both have great radio voices.

When TD was 9, she read about 90 pages of Series of Unfortunate Events #1 and came up to our room sobbing hysterically. Not her thing!

Yay for the podcasting!

KC said...

Hey, LH. THanks for listening to our PODCAST PERFORMANCE!!

We had a good time with that. I ordered Shanghai Girls from the library, but I am #238 on the list. I am now finally reading The Lacuna. I'll probably podcast about it sometime. I do really love your podcasts!!

LH said...

shef, as you know, is hilarious.

Yeah, I really like these informative book podcasts. We're really providing a valuable service for others.

I'm thinking about working on the theme of "rights" with the 3rd graders next time. Not sure what the texts will be yet. The thirdies talked a lot about literacy being a right for everyone, but I felt the concept of "rights" needed some development.

i'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the podcast. I liked the conversational tone between you and Shef. Your comments on Tyler's book were interesting...especially the idea he seemed "Old." Perhaps that is what I didn't like?


LH said...

I didn't think he seemed old. I thought he was just odd. I thought the romance between Noah and what's her name was a lot of fun.

KC said...

Odd may be the right adjective. Because I'm thinking back to the flashbacks when Xanthe was a baby, and he seemed "old" then, too.

Does Liam like his life, do you think? Has he ever?