Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Know Karate

So, I finished that dumb race. In the end, I'm glad I did it; but man, it's kind of dumb.

You run for awhile, you cheer on your van-mates for awhile (I taught my van-mates a cheer AND gave them Silly Bandz), you "rest" for awhile (I think I've slept for about 2 hours in the past 37), and then you do all of that two more times.

Liz explained that the reason for increased safety policy at this year's race (we were all required to wear reflective vests and blinking lights and headlamps and use crossing guard flags) was that someone in a different Ragnar in another state got hit by a car.

"Yeah," I said. "That's because this is actually DUMB. It's DUMB to run in the dark on the side of the road."

But anyway, here's the elevation map for my second leg, which was 6.7 miles.
I started this leg at about 11:00pm on Friday night.

As you can see, I encountered quite a few hills, including a 2-mile incline at the beginning of the run. I'm certain this is the biggest hill I've ever climbed while running. Later, at the end of the leg, there's an even steeper incline that lasts for more than a mile.

Let me tell you, this particular run was really flipping hard.

So, Ragnar! That was an experience! Let's do it again sometime later in the future, maybe.

We'll see.


jdoc said...

This is just nuts. But you are amazing!

LH said...

Geezlouise. I am very impressed. What a wild event.

What kind of silly bandz did you hand out?

Liz K said...

Of course, you were totally awesome. You are correct - it might be the dumbest thing you have ever done - but I am also right - it was SUPER FUN and you loved it and started talking about next year before our team even finished!!

KC said...

Liz, I actually am v. glad I did this dumb thing. And I may have uttered the words "next year" a few times, but I'm making no promises!!

LH, I gave out horse-shaped silly bandz. An off-brand. Some of them didn't look like horses.

Jess, This was fun. You and Dave would probably like to do it sometime when your baby is bigger...

Mary Ann said...

Ok...yeah. Pretty sure there are/is no hills/elevation in FL...which would make it the EASIEST Ragnar ever. AND OUR Ragnar is for a super fab cause. AND we have a puppy named Ragnar, which is so cool because we have a mascot. Would it be inhumane to make a puppy run 6.7 miles with me? He might have to squat and take a dump (come to think of it...I might too. Hm.).