Monday, August 2, 2010

Something About a Crooked Zipper

I was so excited when I saw last week's Runway premiere because it sort of seems like that show might be back. It was edgier, and the contestants seemed better. I even took out a paper to write down a quote to use as a blog title.

Sadly, I lost the paper, and now all I know is that the line had something about a crooked zipper.

Oh well!

On another note, I feel like I need a new tagline for the upcoming school year. Last year, I had Best Year Ever. That was a great slogan, and it reminded me to try my best to be a great teacher and have fun in the process.

However, one big problem with Best Year Ever was that it was easy to use for sarcasm. Like, something horrible would happen, and Rachel and I would look at each other and say it spitefully.

Also, the Best Year Ever is such a superlative that it's impossible to achieve, right? So, I sort of doomed myself to disappointment.

I'm trying to think of something good for this next year. Something optimistic and cheerful, while still inspiring hard work.

Mary suggested No Walks, which was the motto of one of her fellow Peace Corps Volunteers. I like the "go hard or go home" sentiment, but then again, I can't go my hardest every moment. Also, I'm not planning on "swinging at everything," which is what the slogan requires.



Gina Marie said...

Having been a baseball superfan for almost 3 months now, I'm really into the phrase "If you're going down, go down swinging". Baseball logic says it's best to strike out while swinging at the good pitch than to let it pass you by. I think this is a fabulous saying to use IRL, but it might be a little negative after THE BEST YEAR EVER.

Also if you do consider this, make sure everyone knows you aren't endorsing corporal punishment in the classroom.

Liz K said...

Because I am not creative in any way, I googled inspirational slogans to offer my suggestion. It came up with: Play. Laugh. Grow.

You may recognize this slogan as it is the Fisher-Price slogan. I like it.

I also found some terrifying websites featuring a number of terrifying inspirational slogans.

I love google.

LH said...

I need a slogan and a philosophy.

KK said...

You CAN have a crooked zipper. Embrace the crooked zipper.

Anonymous said...

I love the way Mac says with total glee and self-admiration, "I did it!" I have been saying it to myself after a demanding task or finishing a trying does feel good! So how about, " I do it so I can say I did it!"

Martha Pettee said...

This is spontaneous brainstorm with myself in 5 minutes - GO!
In the Moment
Achieve or Leave
Gotta Love It
La Vida Loca
Teach Local
Dig Deep
Super Size It
Think BIG - Bold Innovative Growth
It's a New Day
Too Sexy for My Class
Bring it On
It's All Good
Go the Distance
Give me the Glee or Get Glee-ed
Get Your Glee On
I Got the Music In Me
OK. Time's up. I actually LIKE a couple of these!

KC said...

Kate! That's it! Thanks!

And, great suggestions, all. I think our t-shirts this year are going to say something like "Come Together," but I need a philosophy/slogan that I can enact individually. I'm keeping "Bright Light" because that is a mantra that works and can't really be used sarcastically quite as easily.

Bright Light really taught me that it's possible to feel how you act, rather than act how you feel. I got that last little phrase from The Happiness Project Blog.

KC said...

In addition to bright light, though, I'm going to need something for this year. Just to be clear!!

john said...

Here's a thought:

An Adequate Year (TM).

Certainly easier to fulfill than Best Year Ever.

Molly said...

How about:
It could be worse.
How bad can it be?
I'm inching closer to retirement.
This isn't that bad.
I'm glad I'm not a toddler daycare teacher.

Rachel said...

I'm with Molly. I'm totally going with, "Well, that could have been worse."

Pat said...

Often when Zoe and I make a decision about our next project, I'll say, "Let's do it!" She always repeats this slogan with her usual gusto. Maybe the words will work for you and your students this year.

Erin said...

My aunt's personal motto, which I borrow often, is "Just get it done." I like the spirit of efficiency. Bright Light is a classic.

Anonymous said...

Since you started the baseball theme, how about the quote a minor league umpire gave the Terry Gross stand-in on Fresh Air when he asked the Ump for the cleverest thing anyone had ever yelled at him from the stands:

Bend over and use your good eye!

Bob and I now say it all the time around our house, and while it might not be appropriate for all situations, I bet it will get you through many of the worst ones...

mem in CA

Anonymous said...

I notice that the Principal and Assistant Principal at a middle school where we're in the process of adding a new two-story, ten classroom building say "get 'er done" a lot when talking about things on their respective plates. And they are among the most competent school folks I have ever met. Maybe it will work for you?

mem in CA (again, just a week later)