Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Day

Today was the last official day of my summer vacation. This is kind of weird, but I actually caught myself thinking several times this summer that I wish I worked at a year-round school.

I think summer kind if stresses me out because I'm always thinking, "Am I having the most fun possible?! Is this a great summer?!"

However, I know I had a great last day of summer today, hanging out with my sister, getting my hair cut, buying shoes, and playing with the children. I also watched Shef's day camp performance, in which he sang and danced to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. Obviously, that was awesome.

Tomorrow we move way closer to school and work, which will greatly increase my daily quality of life.

Maybe I'll even have time to blog again. I hope so! I really do.


Jana said...

I just kind of wrote a post along these same lines. I have achieved (at least for the moment, ahem.) a higher quality of life b/c of our new schedule. I hope you can get to the same place soon! Did you finally sell your house and buy something in a better location for work and school?

LH said...

Getting back into the routine has been good for me. But my house is messier. Must revisit flylady.

Happy School Year.