Saturday, January 15, 2011

Desperate Times

One of my resolutions for 2011: Make 2011 a Happier Year is to make time for a regular date night. With Dan, obviously.

I know this is a totally cliched resolution; however, with two kids and two jobs and dishes and dinner and laundry and homework, it really does become relatively easy to not speak to one another for days on end. So.

We wanted to go out tonight. It's been a stressful week with all manner of negotiations to deal with. Our regular babysitter is MIA and my mother is spending a month in Arizona. The new neighborhood babysitter was unavailable for the next two Saturday nights.

Luckily, I'm skilled at problem-solving. So yesterday at the beginning of my prep hour, I walked down the hall to my friend Beth's classroom. I happened to know that many of the nicest students I had last year were in her fifth hour class. I stood by the door and awaited their arrival.

When I saw the first nice girl, Nora, approaching, I asked her three questions: Do you drive? Do you babysit? and, Do you want to babysit tomorrow night?

Yes! she said to all three. And, could she bring nice girl #2, Annie?

Absolutely, I said.

Done deal. We're going out to dinner.


Mary Ann said...

Woot! So incredibly jealous. Did you have a good time?

LH said...

Where'd you go?

kc said...

We went to Crave in the Galleria. We had a little gift card. It was awesome. And, the nice babysitters straightened up our house while we were gone.

Avery said...

Good for you guys! The first thing we did when we moved to our neighborhood was find a couple reliable highschool girls.