Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't Need a Map to Keep This Show on the Road

Mac is in kind of a stage where he whines and cries and throws fits. It's hard to take him seriously because he's so cute and so ridiculous.

This morning he got in trouble because he wanted to not throw a dirty paper towel away. He wanted to continue washing walls with it indefinitely. When I made it clear that the paper towel was trash, he stomped on my toes repeatedly while trying to pry the trashcan open.

"I'll call you back," I said to my sister who was on the phone. "Mac is stomping on my foot repeatedly, and it seems like discipline is required."

Later, Dan came into the kitchen while I was preparing lunch and Mac was sobbing in his chair.

"What's the problem?" Dan said.

"Oh," I explained. "He wanted to hold the frozen Indian food for a long time, but I had to put it in the microwave."

You know. He experiences lots of really tough blows like that pretty much all the time.


Jill said...

Oh, the desperate, illogical toddler need for control over something... ANYTHING...

For about two months we continually reset JJ's clock. He decided that he wanted to wake up at 7:00am, and if that was not the time when he actually awoke, he freaked out. I figured why not just set the clock to 7:00. Of course then we never knew what time it actually was.

LH said...

I think you should just let him have his way. Have you not noticed how cute he is? I'm starting a KEEP MAC HAPPY campaign!

KC said...

That's the problem with Mac is that he's so cute.

But, I felt like I had to take a stand on these (and some other) issues.

The 7am thing I would have done too, Jill. Good solution.

Jill said...

And on the positive side, he wanted to wash the wall. Cleaning up is never a bad thing.

kc said...

Except that he wanted to wash the wall after having colored all over the wall. That was naughty, I though.

Jill said...

Good point. And it does not explain the need to hold frozen Indian food.