Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take You to My Castle Far Away

A few days ago, my friend Jordan emailed me. She'd been cleaning out her computer files and found this photo:

That's her adorable daughter sitting next to me, and that's Shef sitting on Dan's lap. I think he is about two weeks old here, or maybe three. Is he the hugest, least baby-like baby you've ever seen, or what?!

I laughed pretty hard about how ridiculous this whole picture is when I opened the email. The funny things are:
  • I put real clothes on. You know that's a feat when you have a two or three week-old baby.
  • My smile is insane. It's like I'm pretending to be normal, when everyone pretty much knows you're not normal when you have a two or three week-old baby.
  • Dan also put real clothes on and also appears to be trying to look normal, except that his hair is kind of sticking out a bit on the left side.
  • Despite looking so silly, we also look REALLY YOUNG compared to how we look today.
  • I'm pretty large and lumpy, and I remember thinking that I felt thinner than I ever had in my entire life at this point in time, that's how over the moon I was to be not pregnant after 42 weeks of being pregnant.
Rachel says that I don't even look like myself in my Shef pregnancy photos, including this one. She says I look like an unlucky twin sister.

That's nice of her to say, but this is really me. I'm actually pretty happy to have this photo on file now. Spring of 2004 was a momentous time.


Rachel said...

This was a really funny post, Kace. Nice job.

(And just so you know I'm being serious, what I actually thought when I was done reading it was, "That was as funny as if Dan had written it!")

LH said...

You both do look a little shell shocked which seems a very appropriate way to look, given the circumstances. Shef looks great, as always.