Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Dump

Dan and I spent the morning and early afternoon loading up a rented pick-up truck full of useless and broken crap we've collected over the years and taking it to the dump. We did this twice.

We also went to the hazardous waste dump with lots of old paint and batteries and aerosol cans.

The low light of the day was dropping the Senegalese purse my sister gave me in the sludge at the dump. I found out later that it came out okay in the wash, but at the time, I was really annoyed and disgusted.

The other low light is that we had McDonald's for breakfast AND lunch.

The highlight sounds so lame that you won't believe it's a highlight. It involves accidentally calling Dan a "stupid idiot." What a dumb and juvenile thing to call someone! Especially over the innocuous practice of not eating chocolate eggs on Easter like you're supposed to, but instead saving them in the refrigerator for years, only to throw them away two days before you close on the sale of your home.

We laughed a lot over the "stupid idiot" comment for some reason, so that's why it was a highlight.

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LH said...

I can imagine this could be a humor producing high light.

Husbandman has made up his own lyrics to Fly Me To the Moon this weekend. Some hilarity ensued. Because they were very rude.