Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protest Report

When we were in Madison, Kari and Jackie and Rachel and I walked up State Street to join the protesting.

I took some footage on my Flip camera and promised the gals I'd edit a little film together.

Today at lunch, Jackie wondered how long it could possibly take me to get it uploaded.

"I keep waiting for that video!" she exclaimed.

"It takes a long time to edit video," I said defensively.

"Well, don't make it good, just get it online!" she admonished.


Rachel said...


anne said...

This is so cool--thanks for sharing this, KC. My teacher aunt and uncle were there too, and told me about it--but they didn't make a flip video. Love it.

jdoc said...

Love it. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Love it! There is a rally here on Saturday and I am going to try to get Lee out there with me!

unabashed liberal said...

We are very proud of you. The protests in Wisconsin must succeed to protect the public employees, the labor movement and our democracy. Public employee unions are the only potential countervailing force to the corporate purchase of our elections. Solidarity is critical.
The video was great and worth the wait.

LH said...



kc said...

I'm glad you guys liked the video!! I wish I could protest again in St. Paul tomorrow. I did show this video to all of my classes and explain about collective bargaining.

Molly said...

I practically cried. Awesome flip.