Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Psychic

I went to see Phyllis the Psychic today. It was really awesome. Among other things, she told me that in a previous time and personality, my soul belonged to a military man who sacrificed his family for his career. In a weird way, that made sense.

She also told me that my spirit guides wanted me to know that although I always feel like I'm studying for final exams, there actually are no exams. There is no final test or final judgment. Instead of worrying about holding myself to some imaginary standard, I should just breathe and remind myself that I have lots of time. A single moment can be stalled and expanded if I breathe. This was the first thing she said to me after she got in contact with my guides.

I laughed out loud after she gave me the initial message because, omg, acting like life is a series of exams to pass with flying colors is exactly what I do and how I talk about it.

The truth is, I loved seeing the psychic. I'll be seeing her again, for sure. It was like therapy except much cheaper and your spirit guides just tell you what to do instead of asking you how you feel all the time and encouraging you to come to the answer on your own. Your spirit guides give the advice freely, and I felt like the advice was really good.

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LH said...

Okay, I'm liking this whole visiting a psychic thing.
Rosalyn visited one once. Why haven't I?

I have had a lot of thoughts about my past lives lately. There are some
issues I keep working on, over and over again. I probably struggled with these things in earlier lives as well. Plus, the spirit guides sound really awesome.