Thursday, February 17, 2011


Tomorrow I'll be picking up Rachel, Jackie, and Kari in the minivan and driving us all to the NCTE-AR conference in Madison.

We'll probably join in solidarity with the protesting workers while we're there.

We'll also probably go out to dinner a couple of times.

Most likely, we'll spend a lot of time congratulating Rachel on her awesome talk.

What I don't know is whether I'll say something idiotic to a famous literacy researcher. So far, I've only done that at 50% of my NCTE-AR attendances.


mm said...

I hope you join in the solidarity. It will be a fabulous experience.

jdoc said...

How was it? I was thinking about you and Rachel. I'm sure her talk was awesome. Hope the drive home wasn't too snowy!

kc said...

Conference was good! I missed you, tho! Some good talks (Rachel's was good, obvi.), some not so great; but overall, a fab time. NEXT YEAR?!?!