Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby In The Corner

I just realized I vowed to blog every day on Spring Break, and now I'm stuck and I have to do it.

Luckily, I've just finished my hundreth viewing of High School Musical 2, so I can mention right here that I know a ridiculous amount of information about this "film."

One time, I saw a special version on The Disney Channel with helpful pop-up insider information. Need-to-know facts like "Bet On It" was the favorite song of the cast. Also Taylor McKessie didn't know how to swim, but she had to learn in order to jump into the pool in the last scene, even though that particular part didn't make the final cut.

I've also watched every single behind-the-scenes learning-the-dances featurettes, which is how I know that Zac and Ashley worked the moves out together for their "Music in Me" number. I also know that the confetti cannons could only fire once during the filming of that number, so they had to get that part right on the first try.

I've also read the Wikipedia and IMDB pages for additional trivia information, so I know that director Kenny Ortega burst into tears during the filming of the final dance number "All For One" because the cast had reached such an amazing level of excellence. They also had to hurry up with that dance number because it was getting dark. You can even see the shadows advancing over the mountains in the background.

I think we can all agree that I know an exceptional amount of information about High School Musical 2.

When Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure gets released on April 19th to DVD, I'll probably memorize it learn the dance moves. I may also get a Yorkie to match Sharpay.


Anonymous said...

Yes, comments are coming! Thank you for posting daily during spring break! Since alittleleeway is travelling, I am missing the daily check-in. I look forward to you friends who give me a daily smile with your words of wit! Thanks! Happy Spring break!

Liz said...

I love this post because I have seen HSM2 more times than HSM1 and HSM3 combined (despite the fact that it was my least fav at first). I have also watched the silly out takes many many many times.

Gina Marie said...

You do love insider information, after all.

We once played a drinking game to High School Musical 1. It was an excellent decision. Highly suggest.

Blogging every day is a huge bummer, BTW. I have 22 days of lent left and I'm out of prompts. I'm just going to start posting different pictures of Tim Riggins everyday and make it a fansite, I think.

jdoc said...

Yes, I DO want to comment on your blog. I've never seen HSM2, but I once knew a ridiculous amount of info about the Mickey Mouse Club pre Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. I was just wondering the other day where my VHS tapes of all of the musical numbers went. I'd like to find those.

Liz said...

Have you seen ryan sutter yet? have you intentionally pulled the alarm to re-create the greatness of when you saw him?