Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It's time for me to start blogging more again. I vow not to be deterred by the fact that I have nothing to say and no contests to run and no blogging challenges in which to participate.

I'm going to force myself to think of something to say, and I'm going to say it. Here goes:

I planned a lesson on Langston Hughes today, and the kids in Mass Media were pretty productive. Later, I returned library books and had a dinner by myself at Bruegger's. One problem is that I can't find a book that Mac checked out called Danny is Done With Diapers. It's a crazy book with pictures of kids pooping in potties. And we can't find it. I'll die if I have to pay for that book.

Good times; good times.

I bet you're really glad you read that. Tomorrow's blog might be better.


Gina Marie said...

I was at a social media and law conference yesterday (yes, seriously) and they referenced Ann Taylor Loft being investigated by the FTC after bloggers receiving free merch failed to disclose their incentives fully.

Naturally I thought of you. Rather than assuming you aren't good enough for ATL, you can rest assured that they just have a strict policy in place. I say, blame the feds :)


mm said...

KC- First I would like to say that I am ready for another challenge. I'm not insinuating that your post today is mundane, but it did give me an idea for a challenge (a rather weak idea, but an idea). Maybe we write about a mundane thing in our life, but find a way to make it entertaining or worth reading such as the poop book.

Anonymous said...

April is one of your annual challenge months, isn't it? With it being poetry month and all??? And I am so glad someone mentioned AnnTaylorLoft cause I was wondering the other day about why you weren't posting any outfit pics and if there was any update from them about you being a teacher model for their sale.? Your posts are very funny and great to read, no matter what's been going on!!! Keep on blogging!