Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Challenge Post 4

My pal Erin introduced Dan and me to some very addicting television shows called House Hunters and House Hunters International, both on HGTV.

The premise of these shows is that people are looking to buy new houses and they get video taped while looking at three potential places. Then, they decide which house to buy and you, the viewer, gets to guess which one they'll pick.

Doesn't it sound kind of lame? The thing is, it's so totally NOT, especially on the international edition where people are buying houses in places I've never been before like Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Aukland. Sometimes you get really upset with the people, like DUDE, WHY DO YOU WANT THE ATRIUM! Or, LADY, WHY ARE YOU SO DARN PICKY?

One time Dan got really upset because the dad in a family used to be a Naval officer in Scotland then just all of a sudden decided to join the New Zealand Navy. "What the HELL!" Dan kept exclaiming. "How do you just JOIN another navy?!" Also that family suddenly raised their budget from $1 million dollars to $1.5 million dollars like it was nothing. Who DOES that?

So, you can see the show has endless possibilities. You should probably DVR it, most likely. Maybe we can start a live chat for watching the show. Maybe we should tweet it? Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I just don't know if there will be enough time.


mm said...

I'm fairly certain it would have been entertaining if someone was following me around when I was looking for a condo.

LH said...

Sounds great!

KC said...

You guys should definitely take a peek at this show. Totes fo sho.

Pls let me know when you see it. ok, thx.