Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La La La. Whatever.

I taught at a science and technology camp for girls today. This is my summer job, and it's a great gig: the program has a worthy mission, the kids and staff are interesting and fun, I get to spend time with middle schoolers in preparation for my new job, AND I only have to work seven days total during the summer.

I do, however, have to teach for EIGHT hours in a day! Four groups of ten kids for two hours each. Here are two things I learned: seventh graders do things much more slowly than juniors and seniors. That seems obvious, I know, but I really had no sense of the pacing. Also, I need to institute some kind of rule where they have to ask each other their questions before they ask me. Shef knew what I was talking about immediately. "Mom!" he said at dinner, "Just tell them, 'Ask three, then me!'". Because I didn't know this rule today, I logged 10,000 steps on my pedometer just by criss-crossing the computer lab. The elementary teachers seem to intrinsically know these awesome management helpers. How do you guys do that all the time?


LH said...

We do have some nifty tricks up our sleeve.
Your job sounds neat. Maybe i wish I had a job like that, but I'm not sure.

KC said...

Lh, I kind of feel like you. I like having that job a lot, but then I'm not so sure because it's a job. One thing I didn't mention in my post that puts me over the edge on it is that the pay is really good. So, there's that.

LH said...

I'm very fond of good pay.

jdoc said...

I would like to make some money again some day. I would also like to teach 7th graders again some day. So this job sounds like a winner.

KC said...

jdoc, maybe you should come and work at my new school w me?! That would be so fun.

yeah, good pay is the best.