Sunday, June 12, 2011

When Jesus Washed

Mac turned three yesterday! This is a pretty amazing occasion!

As the birthday approached, he kept asking my mom for a guy in a dress. Remember when he was asking for this for Christmas, too? In fact you can watch my most-watched YouTube video of all time (does 2,326 views count as viral??) in which he says a "guy who likes a dress" is his #1 wish:

Anyway, my mom decided she'd try getting him a pair of barbies (a Cinderella doll and a Ken) with some extra dresses. It turns out this isn't what he meant at all by "a guy in a dress." It wasn't even right when we put Cinderella's dress on Ken.

So, I guess the lesson here is: you can't really ever tell what a three year-old means when he says he'd like a guy in a dress. Oh, well.


LH said...

I am wishing I knew what he meant. Harry Potter figures? They look a bit like guys in dresses, but Mac would probably ask for that directly. I love that your mom bought him the Barbie Ken combo.

KC said...

Still no one knows what he wants. He does like to wear his Harry Potter robes, tho.