Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Duet

My father-in-law Dobby is a big classical music fan. As such, he takes violin lessons. As you know, I also take violin lessons. Because of this common interest, he has invited me to learn a duet that we will perform together in several weeks.

Here's what the duet is supposed to sound like:

Advanced, right?

We'll have to see what happens. There's a good chance that we won't sound quite like these two. However, I am hoping that we sound as good as the pair of six year-olds I found playing the piece on YouTube. I told Dobby that although those upstarts might be good at hitting the notes, they probably won't bring the emotional intensity to the piece that we will.


LH said...

This is super exciting. I hope you videotape the duet. I would love to hear it.
Fist of 5.... how hard is it to play violin?

KC said...

Playing the violin is very do-able. You can twinkle twinkle within a lesson. So, I'm going to say THREE on the fist of five. Easy to get started, but harder to sound good. If you know how to read music a little bit, then you can play some songs on the violin.

Maybe you should take some lessons???