Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Other Duties As Assigned

We always laughed at this catch-all phrase on our contracts at Camp Foley. Other duties as assigned were as varied as cleaning windows with vinegar solution and running bears out of the parking lot with heavy-duty flashlights.

Today my other duty as assigned was teaching physical education. Basketball, to be specific. In dress pants and pearls. The sixth-grade girls were super nice and even volunteered to do the push-ups that were left off the lesson plan. Sally, the senior P.E. teacher, helped me get the balls out, threw me a bag of pinnies (I forgot how much I love pinnies!), and loaned me a stop watch. The department chair (Shef's P.E. teacher who intrepidly began the second-grade swimming unit last week) approached me warily and said I looked "a little out of my element." Maybe so, but it's true that I do like fitness.

"LAPS! RUN LAPS!" I instructed. Then, I even showed them how to play three-on-three from the three-point line. Basically, it all went fine, but I'm still hoping that when I next draw duty on the sub rotation, it can be in social studies or something.


mm said...

I'm sure you were great!

Jill said...

Gotta love private school. The first place I worked we didn't employ subs - you either canceled class or had another teacher cover for you. Sounds like it is the same for you.

I have "other duties as assigned" still now, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pearls with the "GYM" outfit. I bet you were terrific.

Rachel said...

I won't lie: this post has had me laughing for a few minutes now.