Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Goodness

I knew it had been many days since I'd blogged, but I didn't mean for things to go this long.

Without the blog, I feel my life is empty in a vague sort of way. And what kind of excuse do I have?

Only work and February. That's it. It's time for my annual promise to do better. This is a solemn vow I like to make to myself. It's important that the blog continue, despite all of the obstacles.

Here's a story about Shef: He and his carpool kids play a ridiculous game called, "Guess what I'm thinking."

It's starts when someone chooses something and gives a hint like this: "It involves a banana."

Then, you guess and guess. "Is it a monkey eating a banana?"


"Is it a banana in a fruit basket?"


"Is it banana bread?"


"Oh I know!" someone will say. "It's a banana EATING a banana!"



And then the next one has to do with a unicorn. It might be Selena Gomez riding on a unicorn. Whatever it is, you have to just keep guessing.

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