Saturday, February 4, 2012

Roses and Thorns

Mac and I visited our music store today. It's called House of Note. Isn't that adorable? Anyway, our main impetus for the visit was the fact that my teacher has deemed me ready for Suzuki Violin Book TWO! I've gotten stickers on most of the pieces in Book 1 now, and next week, she's going to assign me something from the next volume.

Of course, I originally played the songs in Book 2 when I was like 8, but never mind. I now approach them with sensitivity and emotional maturity.

We also picked up an adjustable red music stand for Mac and me to share. Mac loves it. Finally, I asked the violin guy for what's called a practice mute. It's a heavy rubber thing that you put over your bridge so as not to bother your family with your musical stylings.

"My husband asked me to get one of these," I explained sheepishly.

"Well," he nodded gravely. "That's telling."


unabashed liberal said...

I bet you sound great!! The mute gives you a different feeling which is a nice change.

mm said...

It's a small world. A colleague of mine's sister-in-law is your teacher.

It's supes cool that you are re-learning violin even if you are asked to use the practice mute.

KK said...

good work - book 2 already?! that's awesome. I have fond memories of Handel's Bouree and Boccherini's Minuet from book 2. I think my parents still have nightmares featuring Long, Long Ago. I use a practice mute in the summer to keep from annoying my neighbors when my windows are open. No shame in that.

KC said...

Thanks for the support! everyone is enjoying the mute already.
mm, it IS a small world!! We made this connection when Jennifer was telling me that they had gone to an info meeting for DA!

kk- i had forgotten about the long, long ago variation until I listened to the CD. then, I remembered. :)

LH said...

This is v. inspiring. I'm happy about this violin stuff.

jdoc said...

I, too, love this. Kind of makes me want to take up the clarinet again.