Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dog Mom

As I type this, Pronto is licking my feet.  That's kind of gross, but I'm also pretty happy Pronto is our Pup.

I feel like he is going to be some work, as he has a ton of energy.  I've walked him for about 2 hours today to tire him out.  Part of that is that he's super anxious at this point.  He's from Joplin, Missouri.  When he was little, there was a huge tornado there, and he ended up in a shelter.  Six weeks or so ago, Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota arranged a transport of 30-some canines from this area.  Then he went to his foster home with some cool and caring foster parents. Then, the foster parents decided we would be a good family for him, even though Mac cried a lot when we first met him.  Poor Mac.  He's now become the middle child.  And poor Pronto, he probably thinks this is just another temporary deal. 

But, it's not.  Pronto is our new family member, and he's here to stay. 

As such, he's going to have to learn manners and submit to my will, just like everyone else in the household.  Obedience starts soon.  Pronto, if you will.


LH said...

I wonder if Pronto will learn quickly or slowly. You never
really can tell with a dog. Or with anyone. But the simple truth
is that he's adorable and he's in with the IN CROWD!

If I were living nearby, I would by him some dog treats.

mm said...

Pronto is in a good home. I'm sure he'll be obedient soon. Even if he's not, you'll love him and have a ton of patience with him. Think of it as trying to get the boys to sleep through the night.

mm said...

BTW- Why hasn't Pronto blogged about the adorable new Pronto?