Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From the Front

Today, I tried to go to work, but this turned out to be a pretty bad plan.  I got there, taught one class, and then started heaving all over my classroom.  Sick.

I had to leave.

Later, I was feeling so miserable that I called my doctor's office.  "I know you're probably just going to tell me I have to wait this out," I said, "but is there any reason to be seen?"

Turns out if you have been vomiting for 70ish hours, you actually should be seen. I should go to Urgent Care, the nurse said.

The doctor in the Urgent Care gave me IV fluids and a magical anti-nausea medication.  Then she prescribed extra of that. Just so I can keep it around.  Just in case.  Because apparently she understands that sometimes you get the same thing again and can actually self-medicate.

I asked that doctor if she was taking new patients, but she's not.  Actually, she's kind of easing toward retirement in the Urgent Care. At the end of my stay, she looked in my mouth and smiled. "You have glistening saliva on your tongue," she said, "and you didn't have any before."

At home, I felt well enough after my second dose of that magical med that I took the kids outside for a short while with our new pup. And now I'm bathing them while Dan takes a break.

Poor Dan.  He's been doing everything since Sunday evening and he's actually sick, too.  Someone had to take it for the team, and he did.  Thank the lord.  I would totally give him some of my nausea potion if he were the type of guy to break rules like prescription labels.  He basically doesn't break any rules, especially not prescription labels.


LH said...

Geez, I'm glad you're getting better, but this really makes me sad to hear about the heaving and constant nausea. The glistening saliva is something to aim for I guess? Will be checking out my tongue regularly.

KC said...

I know. Can you even believe it lasted so long?! I'm really glad I went in because the doctor says if you don't raise the fluid levels, which then reduces the stress hormones, you can just go on being sick for days and days on end.

If you feel dehydrated or have any reason to believe you might be, check your tongue. She also pinched my ankles. Not sure why.

Bethn8r said...

Apparently I didn't even need you to lick my face...good to know about the tongue. Now I have something to aspire to.

mm said...

Yuck! I'm glad you went to the doctor. I hope you are feeling better! Take care.