Monday, May 21, 2012

OMG, The Sickness

I haven't been sick that much in general, but yesterday evening I got super sick rather suddenly.  And, then I remained all day in a prone position except when I had to hurl.

Sorry for the detail, but sometimes you just need people to understand how badly you feel.

Midway through the day, I got a call from school. It seemed Shef was also sick with a fever and an upset stomach.  Since I couldn't drive, Dan had to go get him.  Thanks, Dan! When he got home, little pale Shef crawled in to bed next to me, and we slept on and off for five hours.

Now I'm trying a stint on the couch.  I ate half a piece of toast and have kept it down, along with some Sprite.  I've got to write lesson plans for tomorrow.  It would be really be a heck of a lot easier to just be there, but I'm pretty sure that's an impossibility.


Bethn8r said...

Feel better!!! That sounds just awful.

LH said...

Horrid. I hate this a lot.
Don't stress on the sub plans.
I've seen some really skeletal sub plans
lately, and the teacher and kids do just fine.

KC said...

I'm still feeling terrible, fyi. i sent some bare-bones plans. we have a sub problem at school, which is basically that we don't have any subs. Teachers have to just cover each other's classes. Makes you feel really bad to be gone.