Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Plans

This weekend, we were all excited to sojourn in the miniature van to Oberlin, Ohio for my brother-in-law John's graduation fantasia.  John is a great guy with a lot of heart and perseverance and, of course, smarts, and I really wanted to see him grab that phat diploma.  I was even ready for the 28-hour car trip with the kids to do it.

However, as you know, last week we had the Great Hand, Foot, and Mouth Epidemic of 2012.  I became severely dehydrated and required intravenous fluids to hasten my recovery.  I also missed three days of work in the week before final exams.  Further, Shef was seriously ill.  Further, Dan was valiantly battling against illness, but the facts were plain: he was sick.

A wise pal of mine at school took one look at me on Friday morning and said, "This is extreme.  You can't go.  Bite the bullet and buy Dan a plane ticket, and you stay home with the kids."  I knew she was right.  She was totally right. That was it.

So, the boys and I are home.  Chillin with crazy Pronto. Grading papers. Watching Saved by the Bell. Scrubbing my bathroom top-to-bottom with bleach.

Dan's en route to Oberlin with his sister and our niece.  He will represent us heartily.

John, we love, miss, and admire you!  Par-tay at our place when you come home!


LH said...

I think you made a wise decision.

This is graduation party week down here in Btown.

Congrats to JOHN!

Doc said...

We are super proud of John and he even got to walk across the stage TWICE to obtain two degrees!! He also got special care on the steps because of his knee brace. So nice to have his sibs and one representative of the next generation to support him at his "gradulation". Totally missed you and the boys,though. HFM virus beats the Norwalk, for sure. Hope you are all well now.

KC said...

I didn't realize John also got the music degree. HOLLA! John is the best.