Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm fresh off a two-day training in Challenge-Based Learning. The workshop was wicked intense. Teams had to produce video in two hours this morning. Then, in an hour, we had to finalize plans for rolling out a school-wide CBL project.

We did some good thinking, and it was fantastic to clear out the summer cobwebs. I admit to a moment of panic when, at the start of the first day, we had to say our names, what we teach, and "our passions."

My passions?!

Do you know what I've been doing all summer?

Driving to swimming lessons, driving to tennis lessons, driving to violin lessons, organizing play dates, coaching preschool soccer, and working at camp to cover Shef's tuition.

Am I supposed to have, like, outside interests at this point?

It was a relief to find the other moms of young kids in the exact same position.


LH said...

You're one of the most passionate peeps I know. You have a gazillion interests and queries. So just chillax a bit on this point.

kc said...

Thanks for the reality check, LH. I felt so lacking in that moment.

Mark Nervig said...

Can the Caribou drive-thru be considered a passion? That's one of mine. Another one is when Uncle Patrick comes to babysit and I get to wander around the Mall of America without pushing a stroller. I'm totally passionate about that.

KC said...

LOL, Anne! And, I agree. Those are things that really inspire my passion as well.