Monday, October 1, 2012

Spring is Here

On a most beautiful Autumn weekend (it was this last weekend), my brother Devin got married! We went to tons of super fun family events, beginning with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I don't know who took this great photo of Mac and my sister, Mary. Probably Mac.

We were having a rocking good time. Then, we got all gussied up and went to the wedding. Just before we left, Mac took this great photo of me and Shef:

At the ceremony the boys excelled as ring bearers. They went up the aisle and back down again. Mac persevered on the return trip even when one of the flower girls shoved him back because she felt he was encroaching on her space. She's a rule-follower, obviously. Mac was just muscling through the job.


LH said...

Multi faceted Mac! Great fotos. Great job with the ring bearing.

You and Shef look v. great. It's fun to dress up for a fall wedding.

Congrats to Devin.

(See how I pretend I'm part of the fam?)

jdoc said...

Everyone looks so great! Happy to see these photos. Thanks, Mac!

Doc said...

I knew your boys would excel at their job! Happy Day for Devin! And proud ring-bearer parents...Great photos, too.