Monday, April 13, 2015

He Loved that Goat

Monday morning.  Dear lordy. I will probably make it through the week.  It kind of started yesterday, when I checked off the first order of business, which was playing the Csardas by Michael McLean in the violin recital.  I was the only adult to play this time, but I did so proudly in my section of 6th grade girls.

Here we are playing our piece.  We're in the back.  You can see the sixth graders, and you can see my hair.  If you look really carefully, you can sometimes see a piece of my face.

My stand partner turned to me at the end of the piece and said, "I messed up on that last section."  

"I did too," I said.

Then, she went on to play the solo in the first movement of a fancy Vivaldi concerto.  She played it really, really well.  So, if she messed up at the end of the Csardas, then certainly I can too.


mm said...

As I mentioned to the soloist (?) this morning. You are the only one that messed up... no one else knew. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Good job....!