Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh, Oh So Is Life

Shef's 5th grade play was last night.  They also did a daytime performance, which I snuck into.  I know I'm his proud parent, but this is a true story:

The kid was spectacular.

That's all there is to it.

He played a clownfish who was the funniest clownfish ever.  

When I walked into the auditorium during my prep, I was just expecting to check out a fun play starring some cool kids. But when the fifth graders starting doing their final dance number to "Turn the World Around" and just looked so grown up and lovely, there was no choice but to start sobbing.  I had to leave the theater.    

As you can imagine, I was really glad I went to the morning show and accomplished that release, so I could respond to the evening performance like a normal, emotionally stable person.  The normal, emotionally stable person who is pictured here with the clownfish.


Anonymous said...

So sorry that I missed it! Sounds as though Shef did a fine job. They are growing up...did anybody video the dance? Love, mom

jdoc said...

Way to go, Shef! And way to go, Mom.

lee said...

Clown Fish. LOL