Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We're here at Tuesday once again, and the Twins have thread and a tea cup.  

This photo has a grandmother theme.  My cup belonged to Dan's grandmother.  It's painted with lead paint, so you can't actually drink out of it.  I keep it on my dresser and store my earbuds inside.  In this photo, it's sitting on a table I got from my grandmother.  I have always loved this table, and I keep it even though Dan doesn't like it at all.  It's mine, so I get to have it. Speaking of Dan, he's blogging again.  Have you heard?

Finally, thread.  I'm lucky I even had this thread, as I don't even know how to sew.  The last time this thread was used was when the kids were doing surgery on old stuffed animals.  Maybe I'll start sewing someday. I wouldn't rule it out.  Maybe when I'm a grandmother.


LH said...

Seeing this #TwinTuesday makes me want to have a little tea party with textile crafts. Let's do this.

mm said...

I love that the thread matches your tea cup.