Thursday, April 9, 2015

Status Report

Profanity:  Mac: "Mom, Liam doesn't even know what middle-finger-up means."
                   Me: "Hmmm.  What does middle-finger-up mean, Mac?"
                   Mac: "I think it means 'jackass.'"
                   Me:  "Yes.  That's what it means.  So, we don't do it."
                   Mac: "Oh, I don't."

Self Control: I keep eating too many jelly beans.  I'm going to have to eat all of the jelly beans until they're gone to solve this distressing problem.  Damn it.

Tidying: Would you believe my closet has been completely clean since I read the KonMari organization book on January 1st?  It's true! Thank you, Clothes, for helping me feel comfortable and confident each day.

Sleep Training: Mac's been in our bed every night this week.  I'm 100% trained.  Well done, Mac. Game, set, and match.


mm said...

I had to solve the jelly bean problem by finishing the bag and being done with it.

jdoc said...

Sam has us trained, too. He's got it so we let him come in our bed around 5:30 each morning. Our kids are brilliant.

LH said...

I've got to read the KonMari book. I keep talking about it, but not doing it.