Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sankalpa 3

Friday was a major creative risk-taking kind of day.  We installed a #MigrantCrisis Instagram wall outside our classroom.  This was a week-long research project which culminated in a community art project.  See photo by KK below:

As part of my duties as facilitator, I had to use spray glue.  Here's the truth: I do not enjoy using adhesives under aerosol pressure.  Besides having to spray from the correct distance and with the nozzle pointing in the correct direction, I had to spray it outside in freezing temperatures because of the pungent fumes.

Basically, I took a creative risk, especially with the glue.  Another adhesive risk was taken by using velcro to put the Instagram posts on the wall.  We think it'll hold.  I'm basing this on a teacher's review of the particular velcro product I purchased.  The teacher used it to build shelves, a reading corner, and basically her entire classroom.  All held together by velcro.  Certainly it can hold some cardboard and paper.  We only need it to hold for a year.


mm said...

Your creative risks paid off... This looks amazing!

LH said...

Beautiful work. I'm v. inspired by it.