Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today's pairing is cinnamon stick + star.  Lucky for me, I have a shirt with a star pattern, which I think is quite pleasing.

In creative risk-taking news, I want to tell you about a recent risk I've taken: While I like making new friends, sometimes I feel intimidated in the hockey department.  I feel a little nervous to join the hockey mom fray in the stands, and I almost never go out for hockey parent drinks with the team.  The people are all really nice.  I just want to go home and wear my sweatpants, is the honest-to-goodness truth of the situation.

But at last week's tournament, I took a risk and parked myself right in there with the hockey moms.  When one of them suggested that we have a Powerball Pool to become billionaires, I agreed even though I'm not a huge lottery fan.  I gave her five of my dollars.  I'll let you know if we win.  If we win, I will be forever bonded with these hockey parents.  I'll never regret sitting next to them in the stands.  I already don't regret it, actually.  It was a nice risk to take.


mm said...

Yay for risk taking and stars and cinnamon sticks.

LH said...

I learned recently that if you throw down your hockey gloves, you're ready to fight.

So be careful if anyone throws the gloves down.