Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sankalpa 8

Sometimes, in order to be a creative risk-taker, you need the right supplies.

Last weekend, I was having a little coffee and breakfast with my birth mom, Martha.  Towards the end of our catch-up, I said we had to scoot next door because I wanted to buy a new notebook from the paper and scrapbooking store.

Sometimes a new notebook with silver dots against a seafoam background is what you need to live a creative risk-taking life.  To enhance the effect, I also needed some Le Pens.  These are small writing instruments with fine, marker-tipped points that you can clip easily to the spiral of the notebook.  Sublime.

Let's be honest, I also needed some Gelly Roll pens in multiple colors.  I used the purple one to take fluid notes during a parent phone-call yesterday, and it really enhanced the experience.  When I think about next steps for that child this morning, I'll use the pen to write my thoughts, and I'll probably come up with more creative ideas for a good outcome because of the Gelly.  I'll probably switch colors to distinguish between my initial notes and my solution-seeking notes.  It'll be amazing.


mm said...

I have thin tipped Sharpies to color code my calendar, but I'm guessing your note taking is more creative.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved having different colored pens and pencils. When you were growing up, I would color code the calendar. Now in retirement, I stil find myself inspired by a good pen and better able to buckle down and do lists and paperwork. Though now, I find that the computer has taken over most of this which is why I enjoy using pages on my iPad. Mom