Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sankalpa 7

Can we talk a little bit about psoriasis?  I have the worst psoriasis I've ever had right now.  I realize that's hard to believe because I've complained about it so much over the years.  Still, it's a fact.

Beginning at (and in my estimation, BECAUSE OF) Christmas, which other people seem to consider a joyous occasion and I each year endure, I'm 16% covered with red spots.  My previous high was 11%.  Educational fact: one side of your hand is 1% surface area of your skin.  I have about 16 palms  + fingers worth of dots and spots spread over my torso and limbs.  Yuck.

Can we celebrate for a second, though, with a very important piece of information?  IT'S NOT ON MY FACE.

And now let me hit you with the sankalpa:  As a creative risk-taker, I've continued to just live my life with the dots.  They show at school depending on what I'm wearing.

"What is that?" ask the kids.  "Does it hurt?"  At which point (daily), I explain it calmly.  "I hate having it," I say, "but things could be worse."

I look in the mirror without feeling like a leper.  I shrug, instead.

I make jokes to the nurses at the light booth, which I've been visiting thrice weekly.  "Crank her up!" I laugh, and we smile at each other. "Any clearance?" they ask.  "Nope," I say.  But, I have hope that it will, indeed, start to clear.

I'm just carrying on, not hating myself, with psoriasis.  It's chronic, as I've mentioned.  So, I might as well find a way to live with it with grace and creativity.

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mm said...

I feel that you have lived with it gracefully. One of the problems of teaching middle school is they'll ask about anything, but I feel most of the time they are asking out of curiosity and not menace.