Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's Time

whip and nae nae, summer dance

Super news! I have finished the bulk of my school work, and I'm gearing up an epic summer.  First item on the agenda: prep for a fabulous bachelorette weekend for my sister, Mary.  Guess what?  I sent out an email with deets for all of the attendees, two and half whole weeks in advance.  I had a meeting with my sister in-law, Steph, to build in tons of awesomeness.  She had wicked good ideas.  That was a relief because I have no ideas.

Case in point: Yesterday, I took Mac to ValleyFair amusement park with the middle schoolers.  On the way home, I let him sit in the back of the bus with one of my cute advisees.  By the time we got back to school, I forgot entirely that he was even with me and got out of the parking lot and most of the way back to my classroom before I realized he might need a chaperone.  Similarly, today, I got up, dressed up for the 8th grade closing ceremony, and left the house with Mac, who was attending faculty kid childcare (can we say, Work Perk?!).  It wasn't until I got to school that it dawned on me that, of course, I meant to bring Shef with me, as well.  He's supposed to actually attend the closing ceremony, and I just let him sleep and left without him.  Thank goodness, KK hadn't yet sojourned, and she zipped by to get him on her way.

It's clear I need to get it together, but I think I'm getting it together starting tomorrow.  Phew.

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Unknown said...

Well, thank goodness May is all the way over! June might pose its own challenges but at least it's not May...