Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Status Report

black fly in Chardonnay

Last night, I was delicately sipping my white wine when I felt little fly wings and tentacles tickling my lips.  

Oh, nasty.  

It was a giant black fly right there in the Chardonnay.  And while this would only be ironic if the Chardonnay I purchased were specifically designed to repel flies, it was totally par for the course.  Here's what I mean: so far this summer, we have replaced our furnace, repaired our refrigerator, convinced our insurance company to fix some wind damage on our roof, gotten a pricey quote from the roofing company to eliminate the rotting wood around the built-in, too-shallow gutter system, AND made an appointment to repair the stove.  Also, the A/V people came to diagnose our remote control issues and our inability to install a new cable box.

After all of that, which represents a lot of time and even more money, the air conditioner broke.  

The air conditioner broke!! 

The tech was all, "It's too bad, but it had a nice life, and now you need a new unit to the tune of many thousands of dollars."

Ok, fine, I said. At which point, I poured the fly-infested Chardonnay.

Then, today, the guys came to install the new unit (I said "unit"), only to discover that we actually need a new motor, coil, AND a new compressor, which will be several more thousands of dollars and can't be functional until Tuesday.

I think next week might run more smoothly.  We'll see.  Probably it won't cost me many thousand more dollars.  I mean, I hope not.


LH said...

That fly really is the icing on top of the cake.
I'll be singing SHOO FLY DON'T BOTHER ME today. Off and on.

Anonymous said...

Agree with LH, I would be singing that! Not sure you learned that in your youth ! WOW.....that is much work on the house! Wine without the fly is needed! Love you! Mom