Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hit the Quan. Or, My Stride.

focus, reading and writing, to-do list

Things are going to start happening with a regular rhythm and a productive routine. That's just how it's going to go.  Today, I'm stuck here in my house while some nice dudes replace my air conditioner.  During that time, I'm going to read and write, just like I want to. I'm going to stop slogging through items on the to-do list and start enjoying the ride.

To be fair, I started having fun yesterday at coffee with famed blogger, mm.  She graciously shared teaching materials with me, and we gabbed about the good, bad, and ugly about spending days on end in the middle school.  Mostly it's good.  Otherwise, we'd probably find something better to do, right?  I mean, it takes a specialized skill set to run a classroom.  The skills are probably transferrable, so it's not like we're stuck.  We're in the middle school by choice.

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mm said...

I'm stuck in a computer lab that needs ac.