Friday, June 3, 2016

Annals of Teaching: Decompression

drone, graduation, summer vacation

I'm down to the final moments of the school year. Yesterday was the good-bye lunch for our three retirees, our boss, who is headed to a school in NYC, and a couple of other teachers who are doing different and cool things from now on.

On our small middle school staff, we're having a pretty big turnover, actually, and the farewells were more emotional than I expected.  I've worked with a lot of first-rate teachers in my seventeen-year career, and this current group of mover-ons had a big impact on me and, of course, their thousands of students. Last night was graduation, and for the first time at my "new" school, I knew the graduates!  My 2011-12 8th grade advisory marched across the stage, and one of my no-longer littles gave a fabulous speech. Several moments were captured from above with the drone pictured at the top of this post.  The hovering drone was a little surreal. Today, we'll have a meeting at which we will honor the long tenure of some other people.  I like these people, and I'll enjoy applauding their accomplishments at our great school.  

Afterward, I'm planning to capitalize on my end-of-year, pre-crash energy boost by dropping off a carload of stuff at Goodwill.  And then, I might organize the junk drawer. Then I might fall asleep.  I'm sort of hoping I fall asleep, actually.  If I don't, I might end up manically organizing my new office or washing sheets.  The fervor is productive, but also unnerving, and I'd sort of like to head straight for the crash. 


Anonymous said...

A new office? Enjoy these days! You deserve them! Love, mom......who is in NJ,

mm said...

Although I have one day left, I plan on a lot of sleeping and reading today.