Sunday, August 28, 2016

Concert Review: The Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks, DCX, tour, Minnesota State Fair

I hardly go to any concerts, but I do go to Dixie Chicks concerts. I've now been to three of them, and therefore, I feel I'm a world-class authority on Dixie Chicks performances.  Here is my review of their DCX MMXVI tour:

Natalie, Emily, and Martie brought out the big guns with "Taking the Long Way" right at the beginning. It sounded fantastic, and Natalie looked pretty rock and roll with a haircut that involved some long, slicked back pieces and shaved sides.  My brother Noah said it seemed like Natalie had a run-in with a lawnmower, but that's ridiculous. Natalie looked super chic, and I love everything about her.

Later in the show, the Chicks did "Nothing Compares 2U" as a Prince tribute. Natalie is not Sinead, but she sounded quite excellent. I loved that part.

During "Ready to Run," the Chicks showed a slideshow of caricatures of political candidates. The song ended with a screen full of patriotic balloons and giant cannons of red, white, and blue confetti. I loved that too, and I desperately tried to catch pieces of it.

Although I felt myself alternately cheering really loudly and scream-singing during "Goodbye Earl," I don't really think murder is a good idea. The Chicks flashed a split second of Donald Trump during that song, along with a montage of old-fashioned mug shots. The crowd loved it. "I saw that," I reported to Sarah, the pal on my left. "Yep," she said.  If the message is that Donald Trump is a crook, then I'm on board with it. If the message is that we should stuff Trump in a trunk and then dump him in a lake, I'm against it.

The whole show was fabulous. I'm just a teensy bit disappointed that the last encore song wasn't a massive shredder. It was something new that I'd never heard before.  But it was still good. I'm giving the concert an A+.


Unknown said...

you're #socool

Anonymous said...

We attended the Chicks concert in Saskatoon, Sask. on September 30/16. While it was great to see them in person and they put on a fantastic show, we were disappointed in one aspect. It was just too loud!!! We hoped to hear some fantastic vocals and instead we found that the music was so loud that we either could not hear the vocals or could not understand the lyrics or they seemed to be shouting to try to get above the music volume. It is just too bad that the sound man did not dial it down a bit as it would have made the show so much more enjoyable. By the way, Elle King was also great to see and hear and she has a great voice.