Thursday, August 11, 2016

End of Summer: Movie Round Up

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I decided to do some round-ups of the summer.  Why not? Let's start with movies.  I wanted to see more movies in the theater, and I accomplished that goal.  In fact, I saw 8 movies.  I'm now realizing that naming of the top 5 of 8 seems sort of... well, dubious, I guess.  I only have to cut out three of the movies and then I'm listing, like, the best.

Good news, though: I just looked at my list, and cutting out the three was pretty easy. I cut Ghostbusters, The BFG, and The Angry Birds Movie.  Here are the rest in order of how much I enjoyed them, least to most.

5. Now You See Me 2.  Magic, mayhem, and some good anti-capitalist sentiment.

4. Finding Dory. Family, loyalty, epic bridge crash.

3. Me Before You. I started sobbing midway through, and I couldn't stop.  My friends didn't have the same issue and thus didn't look as wrecked on exiting the auditorium.

2. Bad Moms. I saw this with my mom.  Two hour PTA meetings about bake sales.  LOL because #truth. The message is familiar: Do your best and forget the rest.

1. The Secret Life of Pets. Wicked funny and very sweet.  Let's end with a quote from that fine film: "You aren't doing great, but you aren't drowning and that's something."

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