Thursday, August 4, 2016

Annals of Summer: Camp Departure

It's time for camp departure. I'm not sure who is more excited: me or the boys. It's been a long, great summer of maximum togetherness.  Dan has been working 100% of the time and thinks he's jealous of the togetherness. But, I think we all know there are plusses and minuses to each situation.

Shef says he's most pumped for paintball and waterskiing and fishing.

Mac says he's most excited for riflery and archery.

I'm most excited for 30 or 60 or even 90 minutes where no one talks to or touches me.

I'll be at work during the days, but in the late afternoons, I'm pretty sure I can make the sensory deprivation happen.  Let's see.  Maybe I'll even exercise?  Who knows.  I haven't been doing much exercise outside of walking the dog and the 7-minute workout.  But, that's better than nothing.

Sessie the Camp Septic System

School vs Stay-at-home Mom.  We know where I come down.


mm said...

I need to look into this 7 minute workout.
Have a silent and productive week.

LH said...

Sensory deprivation ROCKS!