Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Break 2016

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Good news: It's Winter Break in these parts. I made it through the week. The students did their work, mostly. I did my work as best I could.

We ended the week - I'm talking Friday afternoon with an hour to go - with a rowdy cross-grade level game of Pictionary/Charades. There was screaming. It was hard to take.

Then, we went to the gym for the last 15 minutes and did the paper plate dance with recycled paper instead of plates. Here's how the dance goes: a leader, in this case Lynne, our Assistant Director, stands in front. The teachers stand behind. The music starts. Everyone is holding a piece of recycled paper in each hand.

Then, you follow the arm-centric dance movements of the leader, shaking and rattling the paper in your hands, doing swirls and twists and cheerleader-type movements. There were some jumps and kicks, too, with paper thrusting and rattling. Everyone's more or less in sync because we're following the leader.

Can you picture it? Someone took a video, but I can't find it online yet.

In any case, I really gave the dance my all, as I always do because I'm a dance captain at our middle school. Shef, who was seated in the front row, said I tried hard. My heart pounded with the effort.

And, then I grabbed my own personal children, and we left the school. I've got a lot of to-dos, but for the morning, I'm going to chill. I think we got nine inches of snow last night. The current air temperature is 7 degrees and falling. Maybe I'll catch up on my reading. Revise a chapter of my novel. You know. Indoor activities.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of the kids and saw some tree items I recognize from your childhood.....warms my heart! Enjoyed seeing the dancing video. You rocked! Need great energy to be a middle school teacher. Using a walker these days, I liked seeing those in the routine. Hope you find that video, as it is hard to imagine the dance. Sounds like fun and I might be able to get some boomers down here to do it, once I get jmy walking legs back. Enjoy your winter deserve it! Love, mom

LH said...

Happy Vacation you awesome possum.