Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Best Of: 10 "Popular" Posts

Best of, Popular Posts

Right off the bat, I'm going to tell you for the sake of transparency that this is going to be an imperfect list. For one, I redid my Google Analytics in April. The Better Living Through Criticism series ran in March. Maybe I'm the only one who really liked that? Now, there's no way to tell.

Secondly, by far the most popular posts on this blog are the Book Top-5s. There's no contest, like, at all.

Those book posts will be up in the next week. Due to popular demand (okay, one person asked), I put links to the back issues of the Book Lists on a new page. Yay! So, replace 7-10 on this list with the forthcoming book lists, and we're getting close to an accurate picture of what people like to read here.

In any case, it's been a good year. I love writing, and I'm keeping this blog again next year. So, that's a #win.

10: Harshing My Vibe

I have no idea why people clicked on this. It's a story about my wallet getting stolen two and-a-half years ago. ?!

9: Summer Status Report

This features the picture of the cyst I had removed from my head. Only on number 9 and already I'm questioning my work here as a blogger.

8: In 6 Weeks, We'll Be Swimming in Outdoor Pools 

This was a list of 3 Excruciating Truths About Minnesota Spring. It's from before I learned about SEO, and how the title of your post should be more informative. But, I liked those old titles from The West Wing and Project Runway and Random Song Lyrics, too.

7: Eighty-Eight MPH

I linked to a recipe about homemade energy bars. That must be why people liked this? I'm feeling increasingly inadequate while compiling this list.

6: Concert Review: The Dixie Chicks

"My brother Noah said it seemed like Natalie had a run-in with a lawnmower, but that's ridiculous. Natalie looked super chic, and I love everything about her."

5: Back 2 School: Social Graces

An embarrassing story about my poor behavior in school meetings. Gratitude Buddies. I laughed out loud at that. No one else did.

4: Self-Examination: And How Are YOU Crazy?

Confessional about my failings in marriage. Meta: I'm feeling better about myself now that the posts on this list are actually stories I've written and not random things that people click when looking for something else. 

3: Annals of Parenting: The Birthday Deal

The party buy-out. One of my best parenting decisions of all time.

2: You Can't Know

This is nice. It's when I launched the Word Savvy Weekly(ish) Newsletter. People clicked it. Lots of people get the newsletter, and that makes me happy.

1: Annals of Medicine

I'm so not suprised about this. It's my bulbous and purple hemorrhoid. It was a good one. Everyone benefits when I have weird and funny medical problems.

Tell Me:

Which was your fave? What's the most popular post on your own blog? I'm kind of dying to know. 

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