Sunday, November 27, 2011

Milan, New York, Japan

Ever since last winter, I've been paying more attention to what I wear.  Basically, I just try every day to dress interestingly and look nice.  It's kind of a hobby or whatever, and I got into it because while "disheveled" really fit my style profile from the ages of 17-25; I found that as I got older, I'd occasionally like to be dressed appropriately.  At 32, I finally realized that dressing appropriately actually takes effort.  And planning.

As part of my new initiative, I started reading some style blogs and subscribed to a couple of style magazines.  One of the magazines had a how-to on fall and winter layering that featured a red sweatshirt.  A red sweatshirt!  How inventive and inexpensive!  The magazine said a red sweatshirt could be "as versatile as an oxford"!

So, I went to Target and found a red sweatshirt in the men's department for six dollars.  I took it home and tried it on with a few things, and realized that: a) red doesn't look all that good on me; and b) an ill-fitting men's sweatshirt just really isn't going to work as a piece in my regular work wardrobe.  In short, it's not "as versatile as an oxford."


Because Dan is Dan, he can't just let this fashion mistake fade into history.  Instead, he's been making fun of my red sweatshirt pretty much constantly.  When I wear the sweatshirt (to bed or to lounge around the house), he says stuff like, "Wow, it must be fashion week!" or, "Does this red sweatshirt have any special washing instructions?" 

It's a laugh a minute here in the house with Pronto.  He never makes a fashion misstep, btw.  Never ever.


jdoc said...

I am inspired by your fashion overhaul (if I may call it a fashion overhaul). I am 37 and still living the disheveled profile. My mother-in-law keeps giving me gift cards to salons and trendy boutiques so you'd think I would get the message to change it up. Oh well. Soon.

Sounds like you and Dan are both making good use of the red sweatshirt.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I thought of myself as perpetually disheveled bordering on frumpy until my buddy at the beginning of this semester referred to my style as "business casual"! Wow! Since then I have taken time almost every day to look business casual. As it turns out, it's a lot easier to be style-conscious when hip girls from Los Angeles tell you how to be yourself.

mm said...

I would think Pronto should give you credit for attempting to be stylish with the red sweatshirt. Although I need a fashion overhaul, I'll continue to wear my large (and warm) sweatshirts.

Jill said...

Another thing that should be noted here is that this faux pas cost only $6. I have done far worse, for far more money.

KC said...

Thanks for the support, pals!

My latest challenge is hair. I need a hair initiative. I'm trying to grow mine out. It's now straight instead of curly. And, I don't understand how to use a curling iron.

LH said...

I wish I had a red sweatshirt.

Anonymous said...

What about Dan's Ye Olde Farte t-shirt? Isn't that a fashion faux pas? (Even though I love it)

Gina Marie said...

I think this is among my top five favorite blog posts of all time. I'd totally buy something like that too, on a suggestion.

And I can so easily picture the Fashion week snark that comes out now when you wear your fancy sweatshirt. Perfection.