Friday, March 16, 2012


In Los Angeles, there's a ball team called the ANGELS. LA is also the hometown of LMFAO, Shef's favorite musical group.

It's too bad (or maybe it's a blessing from the ANGELS?) that Shef is a lower-schooler, and therefore was not in the audience during my participation in this LMFAO Party Rock dance battle:

I'm the one in the bright blue pants. Those pants are for real and also super trendy. Actually, Dan's mom gave them to me for my upcoming birthday. Still, when I went downstairs this morning, all ready for work in my blue pants (and a normal shirt - not the neon clash job that our dance battle required), the ANGELS I live with expressed some negative opinions about my attire.

Dan told me I looked like I was from another decade. Shef said, "Mom! Why are you WEARING those?"

I don't care. I like the pants. They're super cute. And, they were perfect for this mega dance performance. The first on-stage dance performance of my adult life.


mm said...

Well done!

LH said...

That was fabuloso. Love the pants, the dancing, the anthem.

Bethn8r said...

You are awesome.

Goodwoman said...

I like the pants. They look like what all the women here in Spain are wearing, so I say go for it!

dw said...

Nice dancing! Also, I forgot to mention that I saw someone at work in almost the exact same pants, so I guess it really is a thing.